Thursday, December 16, 2010

His faithfulness

"After crying out and throwing him into terrible convulsions, it came out; and the boy became so much like a corpse that most of them said, 'He is dead!' "(Mark 9:26)

The context behind this is that the disciples were unable to cast a demon out of a young man after his father brought him. Jesus just came back with Peter, James and John from the mount where Jesus had just been transfigured, and immediately the boy was brought to Him. After Jesus rebuked them for being an unbelieving generation, the father repents of his unbelief ( another incredible lesson) and Jesus proceeds to notice a crowd and demands the demon to leave and never come back. That is where we left off, and the verse brings us to where we are at.

I notice a people who I relate to in so many ways, and most people would be there to admit that right there with me. And that is the crazy part, we know we are so unbelieving. But yet, we respond like them every single time, we are always quick to say, "He is dead!" What do those words mean? "It didn't work... He messed that one up."

Ok, so now we aren't so quick to agree with that, are we? When I say it like that, it sounds too harsh and way too overboard. How can we accuse our Lord and Savior for messing that up, for not doing it right. But I tell you the truth, we say it with how we react, how we live our lives. Am I guilty of this? Absolutley I am, and that is what breaks my heart. It is never what the Lord didn't do for me or did what seemed to be wrong, no, it is that I didn't trust Him. That haunts me every time that His will comes about. I see how much more superb His plan is compared to mine. For some reason however, I continue to lose faith and continue to disbelieve. And this is even after years and years of His forever faithfulness.

But see, Jesus already knows this, and our God is so much greater than me, and He already has a response to us... He continues to be faithful. In the rest of this story, here is what happens: "But Jesus took him by the hand and raised him; and he got up." (Mark 9:27)
Jesus finished the job, and now, I trust Him to finish the job on me, and all I pray is that my life reflects the continual faithfulness He has shown me, and that my life and attitude change as I see Him time and time again be faithful according to His will.

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